Pizza Making Challenge – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Domino's donates €1 from every pizza sold on 8th January 2016 to BarretstownWe launched Domino’s annual campaign with Barretstown on Monday, February 8th with a pizza making challenge with Alan Hughes on Ireland AM.

Fergus McDonnell, Operations Director demonstrated how to make the perfect Mighty Meaty pizza and Alan took on the challenge. It wasn’t as easy as it looked as although speed is a very important part of what Domino’s does, the pizza needed to be suitable for delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

Alan Hughes and Fergus McDonnell at Ireland AMThere’s quite an art to it and Alan couldn’t believe that Domino’s pizza makers undergo 12 weeks of training before they can make pizzas unsupervised. It’s important that each slice has the
same amount of toppings, especially as people mostly order to share! Using the very freshest ingredients Alan gave it his best shot and although he made the pizza in a minute, it wouldn’t pass the quality test for delivery to a customer. Fergus kindly made up some lovely tasty pizzas for the crew to enjoy before we headed off, in fairness, 9am is their lunch time!

You can watch the video here:


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